Participate now! Review in progress for training quality standards

A critical component of the food handling system is properly trained, capable and knowledgeable food industry professionals who implement and apply sound food protection practices. 

A gap in training standards has been identified and the SFC Training Quality Standards Working Group was created to address precisely this issue. In close collaboration with USA’s International Food Protection Institute (IFPTI), we developed a position paper entitled “Raising Training Quality Standards” to provide details about these gaps and offer short and long term solutions. 

This position paper discusses the challenges associated with assessing training content quality and the need to establish a training quality standard (TQS).  It also outlines a spectrum of options, beginning with the simplest and least costly, through to an internationally recognized standard. This paper recommends a consultative, staged, five-year approach to establishing a TQS.

SFC hopes to engage a dialogue that will be used to raise the standard of expected outcomes of training and learning events in order to provide the highest level of food protection training. 

Participate now in this review process!

Review the position piece and then you have one of two options:

Following your review of the position paper, you may provide feedback with the provided online form
OR You may forward your response to [email protected].

Below are are some questions to guide you in the process.

  • What is your perspective regarding training quality in your sector?
  • What is the most important issue with training design or delivery?
  • What criteria are used to identify which training is approved?
  • How effectively does the position paper make the case for a TQS?
  • To what extent does the position paper articulate the importance of the right content and sound instructional design as the foundation for a standard?
  • Please consider how a TQS may improve an organization’s ability to manage risk?