Coming soon! Online PCP course for small and mid-sized businesses

Be ready for 2017! An online PCP course released in a beta version this March and access for all this summer 2016

Safe Food Canada (SFC) – in conjunction with its partner, the Food Processing HR Council (FPHRC) – is building an online introductory course dedicated to understanding preventative control plans (PCP).

This course will be ready for user testing shortly and general access is expected this summer. The online course will be of special interest to smaller and mid-sized food businesses that may not have previously considered the need for a PCP.

This PCP course will be a business’ introduction to preventive control plans used in managing food safety. This interactive course will cover key topics that are both educational and action-oriented such as:

  • Why PCP are important tools in managing food safety
  • New government regulations on food safety
  • Identifying food safety hazards
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining a PCP plan

The importance of the PCP course will be self-evident since it expected to be required by regulations stemming from the Safe Food for Canadians Act.

Contact us now to get first-hand information of this opportunity to stay ahead and in order to equip your food business with the future norm of food safety practices.

Here’s an overview of the course curriculum:

SFC Online PCP course curriculum