SFC releases exclusive study: ROI of food safety training in Canadian companies

Safe Food Canada seeks to understand ROI and current spending on food safety training amongst Canadian food companies

Safe Food Canada is proud to share with you what we believe to be the first study that looks specifically at the ROI of food safety training and the financial commitments from the private sector to support food protection training and education.

The results of this project were intended to help clarify how specific Canadian food organizations keep track of their food safety training expenditures and the return they achieve on their investment.

With our findings, we draw parallels between the data obtained and current food safety training and education practices in Canada. This exploratory study began in the fall 2015 and released on February 23, 2016.

View and download the exploratory study here.

SFC is committed to conducting a more comprehensive study and we are looking for food safety leaders to help us finance further research on the ROI of food safety training in North America.

Enjoy the read and we look forward to your feedback!