Our collaboration strategy

Safe Food Canada will lead stakeholders in the food protection system and coordinate ongoing collaboration.

The most pressing form of collaboration for Safe Food Canada begins by clearly defining what food professionals need to learn. This represents the first level  of collaboration between industry and government in order to establish requirements for content, quality and outcomes. The next collaborative pursuit is to define competencies for the food industry and include consultations with government, academic partners and trainers and third-party certification bodies.

Collaboration for food safety performance

Once definitions of competencies are agreed upon and methodically matched to tasks in food protection, this is when a third form of collaboration is called upon between industry and learning providers in both public and private sectors. Designed and delivered with standards of learning outcomes in clear sight, standardized learning products will drive high-caliber food safety performance across the Canadian food industry.

Working groups

Groundwork for the clear and consistent defining of competencies specific to each food safety task is led by satellite working groups, such as Safe Food Canada’s Industry Competencies Working Group, made up of  food industry senior specialists in learning and development as well as food safety and quality.