Partners and contributors

In support of the Safe Food for Canadians Act, Safe Food Canada was established as a not-for-profit corporation in 2014 and is currently seeking partners and contributors to support its efforts.

Safe Food Canada (SFC) needs partners to make initial investments and in-kind contributions in order to start building its business on four key areas of investment: research, standards and requirements, education and accreditation as well as products and services.

Providing comprehensive, consistent, and certified national food safety learning frameworks is viewed as a key requirement for continuing to strengthen Canada’s food system and to minimizing the occurrence and impact of food safety issues. The ‘public good’ delivered by this type of system-wide approach to raising food safety competence has become clear:

Regulators and the regulated having a common foundation on which to continuously improve the safety and quality of food for Canadians.

In addition, the commercial and business benefits are substantial. Private sector benefits include:

  • More efficient food safety education management
  • Improved quality and consistency of learning
  • Increased confidence in food safety programs
  • More flexible and motivated employees

Investment and in-kind contributions

To get started, SFC has received backing from the Canadian federal government and is now seeking support from industry and other stakeholders. At the same time, SFC will be consulting with organizations to understand their immediate food safety priorities and address them as quickly as possible.

Ways to support SFC

As a Founding Sponsor

Sponsors provide direct funding to SFC and are invited to sit on the SFC Advisory Council for the term of their commitment. Founding Sponsors guide and advise SFC in preparing plans and projects, and provide feedback on results.

As a Contributing Partner

Contributing Partners provide in-kind products and services to SFC that may include research resources, marketing materials, event facilities, advisory services, and hardware and software. Contributing Partners may be commercial or not-for-profit organizations, or educational institutions. They are invited to sit on the SFC Advisory Council for the term of their commitment.

Benefits of investing in SFC  

industry regulator harmony iconHarmonized knowledge standards between industry and regulators
SFC provides a mechanism by which food businesses and regulators can increase their understanding of food protection in the broader context of a certified food protection learning framework, and together address raising the level of competence and performance. They will do this while learning a ‘common language’ thus reducing uncertainty and inefficiencies.

high performance workforce iconMore flexible, high performance workforce
Professionals seeking a career in food can expect: clear understanding of what skills are needed for jobs in a growing industry, identifiable career paths and options for specialization, continuing learning opportunities with more delivery options, and the tools to help them manage their personal development needs.

certified professionals iconCertified career paths for food professionals
Individuals will benefit from having a predictable, competency-based learning framework on which to build curricula and course content. Accreditation processes will be developed with participation from these organisations so that individuals being educated may receive internationally recognized certifications.

access to new markets iconStrengthened competitiveness and access to new markets 
SFC itself does not deliver education and training; so working with partners and having an internationally recognized learning framework with consistent content and quality will enable academic institutions and service providers to expand their offerings into global markets. They will more readily access larger markets and more individuals seeking to learn about food protection.

Become a partner

SFC is looking for partners who will commit to making a difference. If your organization is interested in being recognized as a leader in the food industry, consider joining with us and others to make a difference in how we learn about food safety and food protection. Visit to learn more. For more information on becoming a Founding Sponsor or a Contributing Partner, please contact:

Brian Sterling
President & CEO
e: [email protected] t: +1 905-491-6790
a: 2275 Upper Middle Road, Suite 101 Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 0C3