Careers in food protection

How can we create more possibilities for careers in food and food protection?

Careers in food protection are not well-known and there is work to be done in making people more aware. Introducing food protection concepts early, for instance in the high school curriculum, can help shape an accessible and professional career path in the food industry.

In order to make food protection concepts part of general culture for generations to come, Safe Food Canada believes that knowledge and skill in food protection must be acquired in a systematic manner across the continuum from high school to college and post-secondary programs, as well as private training programs.

Currently, professionals from many fields (biology, agronomy, chemistry, veterinary science, etc) find rewarding careers in the food industry. However, food protection does not yet have a clear career path in its own right.  Safe Food Canada’s vision is to elevate food protection as a profession with standards, required competencies and career progression, just as doctors, engineers and educators.